Disable Autoplay Video On Facebook web and App

Disable Autoplay Video On Facebook web and App

Most times we are face with a situation where we logon our facebook wall only to notice instant video play by default. This videos posted by friend starts playing automatically without your permit.

To some people it looks nice, but to others, it is absolute crap. It sucks!

In this piece of work, I will be sharing with you how to disable autoplay video on Facebook web and Facebook app.

I want to share this information to help you control what happens why you are logged on to your Facebook.

This autoplay video happens in such a way that this videos play without you prompting them. Some of these videos are offensive in nature (Porn and aggressive videos).

A friend once complained to me how offensive these video could be. Yes! I quit agree with him.

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Some folks for limited data plan for daily, weekly or monthly. So when they experience this autoplay video from their Facebook wall, they end up exhausting their data plan before the stipulated expiring date. It is that bad. You can see that there is need to disable autoplay video on Facebook wall.

If for any reason you are a victim of this, worry no more. This article will help you locate how to disable auto play video on Facebook both web and app.

Without much ado, let us go straight to how to disable autoplay video on the web.

How To Disable Autoplay Video On Facebook web and App

To get this done, logon to your Facebook account on the web. Look straight on your right hand side of your screen where there is the dropdown menu button and click on “Settings”.

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With the settings displayed, take a close took on the left hand part of your screen for “Video”. Click on the video. This will show you auto play off and on option. Next, chose “OFF” to Disable autoplay video on Facebook web.

With this done, playing video clips on Facebook will now be managed by you. Yes! I mean that you now determine when to play a video that shows up on your feed.

How To Disable Autoplay Video On Facebook App

To get this task done is simple. Open your Facebook app and click on “App Settings” take a look out for “Vidios Play Automatically” and click the button.

When it displays, it will show you

The three settings. Chose “Off” to Disabe autoplay video on Facebook app.

Hope this work helped?