Android Pay Now Available on Android says Google

 Android Pay Now Available on Android says Google

Android Pay is now better and enhanced to stand the competition being posed by Apple pay. Google is rejuvenating its own Google Pay, a mobile payment system that is gaining control of mobile payment in the world.    Google is gradually pushing for a better control not only in the search engine business, but in mobile payment world by rolling out Android Pay, a “simple and secure” way to make payment using your android mobile phone. If you have a Smartphone running on android OS, all you have to do is to install Android Pay to avail yourself the ease of making payment in over 1 million locations in US.

Other Services of Android Pay

Outside making digital payment in more than 1 million locations across the States, Android Pay provides can store your gift cards, loyalty cards, and any other special offer on your Smartphone. Google spokes person said that they are looking forward to adding other features that will give Android Pay a competitive advantage and ease the stress people go through to make purchase.

On the role of the future addition to Google digital Payment system is banks and store locations, to make Android Pay even more useful. “We know how important it is to keep your personal and financial information secure, so Android Pay is supported by industry standard tokenization,” Pali Bhat, director of product management at Android Pay, said in a blog post.

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“This means your real credit or debit card number isn’t sent with your payment.” Bhat further said that Android Pay will use a virtual account number, adding another security layer to the mix. Essentially, each time you make a payment, you immediately get notification that indicates the real point of your purchase.

This will help check funny incidents and activities. “And if your phone is ever lost or stolen, simply use Android Device Manager to instantly lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or even wipe it clean of your personal information,” Bhat added.

Store and Point were Android Pay now Functions

The follow are few among the long list of sales points and stores in the US were services of Android Pay is up. They are; GameStop, American Eagle Outfitters, Macy’s, Panera, Staples, Sports Authority, Rite-Aid, Subway, Whole Foods, BJ’s and Office Max. Again all near field communication (NFC) accepts Android Pay but with devices that runs on Android KitKat 4.4 or latter releases of android.

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Android Pay will support credit and debit cards from the four major payment networks: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Participating banks and credit unions at launch include Bank of America, Discover, PNC, USAA, and U.S. Bank. Citi, Wells Fargo and Capital One will join up in few days to come, and other banks will follow in the nearest future. “If you’re an existing Google Wallet user, you’ll be able to access Android Pay through an update to your Wallet app,” Baht said.

“For new users, Android Pay will be available for download on Google Play in the next few days, and will come preinstalled on new NFC-enabled Android phones from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.” Google vice president of strategy Greg Sterling further said “While relatively few consumers are paying for offline services or goods with mobile devices today there will be significant growth in mobile commerce in the coming 24 to 36 months,” Sterling said.

“This 2.0 successor to Google Wallet will probably be much more successful, especially given the combined consumer visibility and awareness that Apple and Google together can generate.”

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