How to cast HD Pictures From your Chromecast Extension

How to cast HD Pictures From your Chromecast Extension

When using Chromecast to cast to your TV, Casting from your browsing extension could be murky and gloomy. Most of the images could be terrible.

Chromecast is not just about internet movies streaming site, you can stream and cast on from your chrome browser through an extension.

Chromecast Extension

The article will beam its light on how you can cast high-quality pictures from your chrome browser.

Yes, just as we said earlier, Chromecast still functions as your home DJ. To get this done, follow this tutorial below.

When you feel like using your Chromecast to play music at home through your TV or home speaker, all you need to do is to download Google Play Music. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.  But this work will centre on casting a better picture from your browser.

With the app fully downloaded, launch it, when it opens, select the cast icon, from the drop-down list, select Chromecast.  Next is for you to select what you intend to play.

How to cast HD Pictures From your Chromecast Extension

Have you ever tried casting and ended up with a poor murky picture? This article is for you. You can cast and change the picture quality with these steps below.

To cast from Chrome browser, you will need to install Chromecast Extension on your chrome browser. Click here to install the extension.

When fully installed, go to the movies you want to cast on your TV. Click the cast buttons on the right side of the browser.

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Choose the option, this will prompt a new Tab to open, this comes with the option of changing the settings.

Select from standard (480p), high (720p), and extreme (720p high bitrate) to get a perfect picture presentation on your TV.

Hope it helped?