How To Check When Your Message Was Read on Whatsapp

How To Check When Your Message Was Read on Whatsapp

Whatsapp has turned out to be one of the most use tool for communication. Over the years, we have seen this free messenger record close to 1 billion users.

Whatsapp will not stop adding new features that will help better your user experience. In case you don’t know, WhatsApp messenger allows you send free SMS, videos call, voice calls, send and receive multimedia. These files include those beautiful photos, videos and lots more. We earlier on talked about How to Switch Between Phones on Whatsapp Messenger.

In this article, we will be looking at How to check When your Message was Read. This will certainly help better your user experience.

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Whatsapp is a social media that allows your contacts to send you messages when you are offline. Yes , you can even send messages to friends or contact when they are offline as well.

Remember when you send messages to a WhatsApp contact, if the contact is offline, you will notice a single tick below the message, if the message is delivered and the user is online, you will see a double tick. If the same message is read, then you will notice a blue color on the double tick. This is an indication that the message has been received and read.


But most time, we still wish to know the actual time the recipient read the said message. This is where our article for today comes handy, How to check When your Message was Read?

How To Check When Your Message Was Read On Whatsapp

to get this done, simply tap and hold on the said message, Tap Info icon, there and there the details will pop out; The exact time for extra detail and verification. That’s it for Android users but those on iOS can tap and drag the message to the left to get this same detail.

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