Gmail office free email service and this service use to be available only by invitation but now is open to everybody.

Gmail put an advertisement on message Google-service is been supported or sponsored by Adsense (Ads) and these automatically appear on the side or top panel of mail message when you open your Gmail account.

Unlike some other email, Gmail does not put (Ads) inside your message or append anything to your outgoing mail (spam filtered.)

Even if other email services offer some sort of spam filters these days, Google still remains the best among all.

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Protection from virus:

Google-Brand also protects your email from virus and you can never turn off this service.

Integration with Google talk:

On the left-hand side, Gmail will show you contact on Google talk. It also has free POP and IMAP most desktop mail reader use the POP which is known as internet protocol to retrieve mail and as for the IMAP is free also.

Gmail Lab and To-Do List:

Experimental add-ons were added through Gmail labs.

How You Turn On Gmail Lab Features:

This feature was sorely needed for the user who wants to replace their old email account with Gmail account.

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Access Off-line:

Even when your computer is not connected you can still access your Brower with the extension of Google-Gear