Chromecast Audio Review: Chromecast Audio Setup And Chromecast Just Dance

Chromecast audio review: Chromecast Audio Setup And Chromecast Just Dance

Chromecast is not about movies only just as we take a look at Chromecast audio review. This article will beam it light on Chromecast audio setup. Chromecast just dance is possible using your Chromecast setup.

Yes, just as we said earlier, Chromecast still functions as your home DJ. To get this done, follow this tutorial below.

When you feel like using your Chromecast to play music at home through your TV or home speaker, all you need to do is to download Google Play Music. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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With the app fully downloaded, launch it, when it opens, select the cast icon, from the drop-down list, selects Chromecast.  Next is for you to select what you intend to play.

If you intend to widen your playlist above your personal music library, can choose to use the Google’s service for $9.99 a subscription and gain unlimited music play (new users of Chromecast gets 90 days of free service here).

You still have the option of using Pandora if you are a radio lover. Remember Google now has radio services in its Google play Music program.

Again when you think you are not satisfied with the sound from your speaker, to can decide to use the Google New Chromecast Audio device for $35. This device is hooked into your speaker and it can stream music from nearby music device using Wi-Fi connection.

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Chromecast audio review Using Spotify.

Spotify now works with Chromecast. When your device is on same Wi-Fi connection with your Chromecast, you can use spotify on Chromecast.

All you have to do is to launch the spotify app, play a track any of your music, choose Devise Available, next it for you to select your Chromecast. Remember that this work with both new and old versions of Chromecast.