Robot: The New Japanese Robot Staff Hotel

Robot: The New Japanese Robot Staff Hotel

The Japanese hotel owners have quickly moved on to pounce on the evolution of robots by introducing a robot staff hotel. I mean a hotel that has concierges, porters, and maids all robots. How will you feel being in a hotel fully managed by robots; from the check-In desk to bag checker, humanoid receptionist, room attendant all robots? This is the story of “Henn’na Hotel” in Nagasaki town in Japan. Henn’ na is a Japanese word translated as “strange hotel”.

The Japanese made it as the first in the world to have a robot staffed hotel. This is a plus to the advances being made in the area of artificial intelligence and changes in the industrial robotics, research into robotic arms used in the industrialization of the world. We could recall earlier that a Chinese firm specialized in precision technology has set up the first unmanned factory in Dongguan city China where all the processes are operated by robots.

Google also launched its own self-driving car in the US while Daimler, leading truck producer is set to test its self-driving truck on the streets of Germany later this year. This whole effort is widely regarded as a futuristic solution to high cost of wage, wasted, fatigue, and technical error being observed by manually staffed work place.

Mr Hideo Sawada is in charge of Henn’ na robot staffed hotel in Japan, when asked if this multi-choice robot could really replace human staff in hotel management, and isn’t hospitality about connecting with people? Seweda replied “five-star hotels that are selling high-end services, human staff are essential, but for three- or four-star hotel, you need comfortable lodging and a basic level of communication at a reasonable price.

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Seweda made it clear that having a robotic filled job can help reduce the cost of human labor by 70%. In Japan where tourist spend much on accommodation, Henn ‘na hotel rooms start at only about $80 per night ( about 52 euro) which is a whole lot cheaper compared to human staff hotel across Japanese home land.

He also said that with further advances and competition in the robotic industry, he hoped to see the massive drop in the cost of producing these robots, which will further cause a downward trend in the prices of rooms in these robot staff hotel