Chromecast Picture: Cast those Your Amazing Pictures on Your Home TV

Chromecast Picture: Cast those Your Amazing Chromecast Pictures on Your TV Now: – Chromecast services are beyond casting movies as users can now cast their pictures on home TV using Chromecast. The is an alternative to old hat slide show.

No projector, just with your Google Chromecast and your mobile device, you can easily display your favorite pictures on you TV screen.

Yes! With apps like PhotoCast installed on your Mobile device (Android or iOS), you can easily display photos on your phone, iCloud, Google+, Facebook and more.

Note that before you can display images on your Google+ account, your mobile and the Chromecast must be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

With that done, lunch the photo you want to show and click the cast icon.

This is different from Chromecast extension, Google cast as you just need Chromecast app to get the job done.

 Google Chromecast Picture and wallpaper.

you can as well use your photos through Chromecast as a wallpaper on your home TV screen. Those your well-snaped pics, satellite photos and landscape images can be used to form an amazing background wallpaper mostly well your screen is idle.

To get this done, lunch your Google Chromecast app on your mobile → select backdrop → choose from the option of your own pictures or from Google when your Chromecast setup goes idle.

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What is love most about this is that you can choose to add weather report alongside the Chromecast picture display in the background.

Hope this helped?