Chromecast Presentations: How To Chromecast Presentations Using Google Slide

Chromecast Presentations: How To Use Chromecast Setup For Presentations Using Google Slide.

Have you ever done a presentation that failed due to a poor presentation? That will now be a thing of the past as I introduce you to how you can do presentation Google Slides and show the same presentation with Chromecast.

Yes! It is possible to use Chromecast to cast your presentation.

Chromecast Presentations – How it works.

To get this done, simply install a Google extension called Google cast on your Chrome Browser.

To ensure smooth run, use the same Wi-Fi connection for both Chromecast and your device.

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With that done, move on to your presentation and choose Chromecast from the list of arrow drop-down.

With that done, it will be easier to Tell those stories that matter while presenting.