Contact Ameritrade Customer Service

Contact Ameritrade Customer Service

Ameritrade is one of the leading online trading platform that is up and doing. You can go on to trade and make investments even when you don’t have a commission.

With Ameritrade, customers can gain access and make use of the latest stock market research tool online.  This list of tools from Ameritrade allows users make an investment without having any form of lagging behind. They avail users the opportunity to get the latest change in investment potentials worldwide.

If you are new to Ameritrade online service, you might get confused how to go about trading with Ameritrade. This is where the services of online customer care person come handy.

Ameritrade Customer Service Phone Number

If for any reason whatsoever you run into difficulty in access or using the online tools, you can contact this customer care representative. Ameritrade online provides it, user, a 24/7 support system. Call Ameritrade at any time, and someone will be there will be there to answer you.

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The only thing you have to watch out for is to ensure you are calling the appropriate number.

Below are the customer’s services numbers provided by Ameritrade for you;

Ameritrade Customer Service Mailing Address

Customer Service (New Accounts): 1-800-454-92-72

Customer Service (Existing Accounts): 1-800-669-39-00

Customer Service (Spanish): 1-888-376-46-84

Customer Service (Chinese): 1-877-888-12-38

Customer Service (Other Countries): 1-402-970-58-05

TDD Customer Service: 1-888-723-85-03


If you are having challenges calling Ameritrade online, you can use another alternative to reach the service.

Customers Service Mailing Address.
you can reach the Ameritrade customer service using and lodge your complaints through the below mailing address.

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Ameritrade Customer Service Phone Number

Ameritrade (New Accounts)

P.O. Box 2760

Omaha, NE 68103-2760.


Ameritrade (Existing Accounts)

P.O. Box 2209

Omaha, NE 68103-2209.


Ameritrade (Overnight)

1005 N. Ameritrade Place

Bellevue, NE 68005

When mailing, ensure you are addressing the appropriate unit to avoid e missing out from the mail message.

In the situation that you failed to use any of the above measures, you can as well reach Ameritrade using email service. To get this done, visit www. and visit the Contact Us button on the website.

You should rest assured of adequate response from the Ameritrade representative.