Memory Stick – Memory Stick Pro Duo, USB Memory stick and PSP Memory Stick

Memory card called Stick – Memory Stick Pro Duo, USB Memory stick, and PSP Memory Stick

This Memory device is a collaborative work of memory Giant Sandisk and Sony Inc in January 2000. This is theme and inscribed memory Stick which can be written as MS Card.

it is another model of Memory that works perfectly well.

It uses the NAND flash memory circuits architecture commonly referred to as EEPROM.

This type of memory comes small in size. The actual size is extremely small. It is summed up as having the size of a small of matches’ box and weighs only 4 grams.

It is built to have an edge connector with 10 pins with which Data can be accessed and sent in. This data connector is so effective that it can take up to 14.4 Mb/s. The highest it can take is 19.6 Mb/s which is really high for a memory card.

Types of Memory Stick

This microchip is of two types. We have the Normal Memory stick and the Magic Gate which helps in protecting those materials and documents that come with copyright protection.

This memory card is safe and secure and can be trusted to a high extent to house your contents without stress.

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