Cox Webmail | The Email Service From Cox | Know About Cox Email Settings

Cox Webmail | The Email Service From Cox | Know About Cox Email Settings

COX WEBMAIL: the Cox webmail is an email developed by Cox. The email is made available to new customers when they buy a broadband package from Cox. Cox is a major telecommunications company based in the USA. The Cox webmail allows its users to send and receive emails rapidly from anywhere in the world.


The owner of the Cox webmail COX is a multibillion-dollar company whose market is the telecommunications automotive market. It is headquartered in Atlanta, in Georgia.  Its fortune is made mostly from revenues generated by owning newspaper companies, radio stations, and many other companies such as Valpak, Auto Trader,, Manheim auctions, Kelley Bluebook and last but not least Cox communications.

Cox as it is commonly called also owns a company called TechStars, which aims at improving small businesses and aiding entrepreneurs based in Atlanta.

The Cox company despite being a billion dollar company has not lost its connection to the Cox family the original owners, with the fourth generation of the Cox family still aptly represent on the board of directors.

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Major subsidiaries of Cox

Cox the company is divided into three main divisions, they are:

  • Cox communications which oversee the provision of services like broadband communications, home security and automation, advertising solutions and commercial telecommunications. Cox communications also double up as an entertainment company.
  • The second division is the Cox media group and automotive which has in its portfolio, the broadcast of numerous TV and radio stations as well as owning more than a hundred digital services. It is also responsible for churning out numerous non-daily publications and multiple metro newspapers. Cox automotive deals with the provision of vehicle remarketing services and other software solutions for automotive dealers and consumers. These vehicle remarketing services caters for several auto brands both locally and internationally.

Cox webmail settings/Cox email settings on mobile

To use the Cox webmail you have to have a username and password which is gotten when you register with your full name. the username and password will act as a key to access the content or service within the webmail. The Cox username appears like this;  and the account type provided is IMAP. Cox webmail also uses SSL to protect your data and prevent hackers from getting into your account.

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The mail servers are  divided into the outgoing server called the and the incoming server called

Cox webmail Tips

To avoid dangers and unnecessary harassment to both your person and your device, there are necessary things you should know.

Firstly, always choose a password that is both complex and unique only to you so as to prevent hackers from gaining access to your device. Secondly, be wary of unknown emails from websites you do not know. Most of these emails when an attack could lead to a viral attack on your device predisposing it to a hack or to the total crashing of your device.

Finally, ensure that your device is well protected or avoid completely the use of public WI-FI and hotspots. This is because when you are connected to a public WI-FI, it leaves your device and accounts vulnerable to the owner of the network you are connected to.