Gmail Security – Gmail now Flag account that are Insecure

Gmail Security – Gmail now Flag account that is Insecure:- Any email sent to your email box that is unencrypted will now face Google’s wrath. Such an email will be flag insecure from Google.

With this latest measure, Google is out to help its client fight sketchy emails to avoid risk posed by these emails. So with the latest measure, Google will help its entire client identify any email it deems unfit and checkmate them before hand.

Google have decided to Improve Gmail Security when it introduced this measure that will help reduce the risk faced by users.

How To Get The Best of this new Gmail Security

It is that simple. Google will help you identify those emails it deem to be below the Cyber security standards.

This info can alongside the news that all Gmail users that have updated their Gmail Email Account will stand a chance of getting extra 2GB more free Google Drive Storage space.

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So with the latest Google Gmail Security, all Gmail users will now have TLS encryption, anti-Phishing authentication and other security measures running in their Gmail Account.

Because Gmail cannot compel other webmail service provider to improve their email security, it has decided to take the standard up with this measure. As it stands, it is not all webmail email providers that are ready to comply with this improve so Google has decided to move on.

What’s the Effect of this latest Gmail Security Tips?

This means that from this time onward, each time you receive a message from or sending to any address that is not yet encrypted, Google using Gmail will mark in the front of the email Red Lock Icon.

So with this, the user will now know that it is not wise to share sensitive information or data with such mail. So when next you see a red lock icon in front of your mail, it is a sign of warning from Google that this email is not totally safe to work with.

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Any sender that Gmail can’t authenticate will have their avatar replaced with a Red question mark by Google.

What is Google say here? When you see such, it does not mean you have been attacked or about to be attacked; it simply means you should mind the kind of reply and level of information you share with such email address.

That is what Google is saying with it new Gmail Security in the Gmail security settings. This will put an end to the question from some quarters that reads; is Gmail secure?  To Secure Gmail email need, you still have your own part to play. Gmail security question also helps in improving the security level of your Gmail Account. Most the 2 step verification introduced by Gmail not too long.