Easy way to Connect DVD Player to Your Projector

Easy way to Connect DVD Player to Your Projector

Most time we run into a situation where we need to project say a documentary or a video clip to an audience, but unfortunately, we just notice we cannot pull through because we are unable to connect the available DVD player to the projector. Unknowing to you here is that connecting a DVD player to a movie projector is a straightforward that even young lads can execute. The task will need you to use an RCA cable to connect both components together for it to work. Still not there yet right? The below step by step will give you an easy walkthrough on how to connect your DVD to your Projector.

Steps on How to Connect DVD Player to Your Projector

Step 1

Firstly, connet your movie projector to power. With this you must have a reliable power source. When you are done plugging it in, don’t switch on your power yet.

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Step 2

Your DVD player needs to be connected to electricity as well. So quickly connect your DVD player electricity cable to power source. Don’t turn it on yet.

Step 3

This time, with your Projector and DVD cable off, connect your RCA cable to the back of your DVD player. When your through, connect the  cable as well to the connection port of your projector.

Step 4

Time to add your external speaker. Incave you are having an external speaker you wish to connect to the device, this is the best time to do so. Connect your speaker cable to the back of the projector, in the place that says “ Audio Out”. Be careful to note the colours of the wire, and then turn on the speaker.

Step 5

With your speaker well connect; turn on your projector as well as your DVD player. Make sure that t the power switch at the wall is turned on first before turning on the two devices.

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Step 6

If for any reason what so ever the pictures fails to show on the screen of the projector, or maybe you are getting a “No Signal” on the projector display, quickly check if your RCA cable is well connected, press the “Source:” button and select “Video”. If your projector has a button that says “Source Search”, push that button and it will search for signal automatically.

Step 7

With this done, your signals will appear displaying your movie as it plays. You can now sit back and watch your movies. Another important thing to note is that, your accompanying manual for both your DVD player and your projector should always be studied incase there is a slight modification.

Hope this works?