Macbook Pro – Apple Macbook Pro And Tips About Refurbished Macbook Pro

Macbook ProApple Macbook Pro  And Tips About Refurbished Macbook Pro

The new MacBook pro is a powerful and portable device to behold. It brings you the much expected super-thin and light, touch bar with great design USB-C ports. It also brings you Huge trackpad option.

This model of MacBook is built to give you the most enjoyable moment. The improvement in this model is much more than an increase in Pixels and gigahertz and often seen from other brands. No wonder it has earned for itself apple most usable laptop.

Design and look of MacBook pro

The device comes slim and portable compared to so many competitors. It comes thinner and lighter to carry. It looks much more powerful than you can imagine. The feature that gives this new apple brand upvote is its improved keyboard and trackpad.

This version is a 13-inch device that comes with standard keys and USB-C ports for your access to external files.

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But as for those expecting to see SD card space, you might feel a little  disappointed bet still the device is worth you getting.

The device weighs 1.37Kg which is a lot less scale from the 1.83kg of the previous version. When you pick up this device, you will definitely like it even if the device came pricey.

The Force Touch trackpad saw lots of improvement in this version. It has earned for itself the faster-selling rate in the mobile market today. So many have described the latest Apple MacBook pro as the best notebook ever produced.

The traditional illuminated Apple logo is now replaced with that of chrome in the new built.

The keyboard is a far more improvement from what was seen in the 12-inch where users had issues with typing. This time around, Apple introduced an improved second generation butterfly hinged keyboard in this MacBook pro.

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Users will have a filled day with the Torch Bar which Is absolutely a wonder.

 Apple MacBook Pro Storage Space

This version of Apple MacBook came with dual-core i5-i7 but the 15 inch runs on quad-core.

It also brought the intel integrated graphics in this 13 –inch version

Storage space: Version 13-inch MacBook storage starts from 256GB solid-state which can be further upgraded to 2TB.

RAM: The Ram starts from 8GB and can as well be upgraded to 16GB


The new Retina display helps save for 67% increase in brightness


Users were offered 4 USB-C ports to make use of on the new device.

It included thunderbolt for charging.

Bluetooth: 4.2 round

Wi-Fi: 802.11ac

This device will definitely match your demand.

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