Facebook Lite – Facebook Launches Facebook Lite – Messenger Lite

 Facebook Lite – messenger Lite

After the period of testing and beta, Facebook has finally launched the long-awaited Facebook Lite with the sole aim of capturing some of its client that are using a less powerful phone. So to grab the millions of users of this social media giant that are on the verge of being captured by a rival social network, the network finally release the lite version of its messenger.

With this new release, the user’s that less powerful phone can’t run the latest app can switch to the lite demanding Facebook Lite and get same service performance. This launch is mainly for android users.

More Details about Facebook Lite commonly called Messenger Lite

This new version of facebook messenger is a slimmed down of the popular Facebook app built to serve those with less powerful Android device. It still offers the core features of the main app. Users can still access photos, stickers, sending of text, and the most important are that they can access anyone on the social media, not minding which of the messenger the recipient or friend is using.

When using this newly launched Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite, users will still use same both logo of messenger only that the color will be reversed. This time around, the Bolt’s color is blue-white and a white chat bubble running in the background.

Currently, statistics has it that more than I billion users uses Facebook Messenger in every single month with the size of some of the versions of the app running on 200 MB. But this newly released Facebook Lite is under 10 MB. So installation and memory won’t be an issue for those on the less powerful mobile.

The download of the app is sure to be simple; consuming fewer data and download time. The start of the app on a less powerful phone is quite faster and usage simpler on less powerful handsets.

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In the word of Mulcahy, Engineering manager for Facebook messenger Lite, the launch will start up from Kenya, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, and Tunisia. The rest nations should expect them in few months to come.