How To Snapshot Snapchat Without Notification

How To Snapshot Snapchat Without Notification

Snapchat, a High security and privacy online chat service that allows users to share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities. With Snapchat login you can now send an instant text message to your Snap chat, friends and fun mobile conversation! Snap a photo or a video, add a caption exchange of photos, videos and captions between two subjects in real time and without saving a history. Recently Snapchat, ban all third party applications that allow you to view and save other users pic without the sender knowing.

Snapchat decided to ban third party app because of frequent abuse like snapchat nude pics issues, snapchat teenagers selfies abuse on snapchat app through snapchat screen shots.

You can actually snapshot Snapchat, and they will never know. I will take you through the easy step by step method to get that picture of your choice right on your phone without being caught. Hmmm, that sounds good, right? This method is applicable to snapchat windows phone, snapchat download and Snapchat iOS.

How To Snapshot Snapchat Without Notification Steps


To get started, you will need to have a Snapchat, account.  In case you don’t an account, click here for your snapchat sign up, you will also get the fast guide on how to setup snapchat create account process. And when that is done, I will start up by asking you to test the “How To Snapshot Snapchat Without Notification” with your own account and see if it works before you snapshot other sender’s photo. For Apple users, you will need to hold the power button and home button simultaneously,

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Take your Phone To The airplane mode:  With your account fully logged in and a couple of screenshots that you will want to screen snap fully ready, you will next turn your phone to n airplane mode. You can do this by swiping your device up and turn on the airplane mode by pressing the airplane Icon. When that is fully done, you will see a red inscription at the top of your screen that reads “Could not Refresh, Please Try Again”, that means you are officially offline. Make sure Airplane mode is on, and WiFi is turned off.


With the pic you want to screenshot still loaded on your device, just go ahead and screenshot, knowing that there won’t be any issue because there is no internet connection so Snapchat,  can’t actually detect that you have to snapshot anything at all

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Logout Your Account:. Move straight to your settings and log out your account. With your account fully logged out, go to your home and press-hold your home button, this will allow your running applications will pop out along side that of Snapchat, swipe Snapchat,  icon up to kill the application and stop it from running. Because sometimes, even after returning to your Home screen, Snapchat, will be running in the background.


Once you are confident that your app is been killed, go ahead and take your device out of airplane mode by clicking on the little airplane icon again, wait for the connection to be reestablished, then go back to the Snapchat, and log in. Once you are back to the Snapchat, you will notice that the Snapchat you screenshot should not say “Screenshot” next to it. Meaning that the sender won’t even know that you’ve opened it.

You can now open it as usual. From that perspective, it means you have not even seen it. Note that you can as well screenshot stories and pictures as well. So with this, you can snapshot lots and lots of Snapchat stories and pictures without being penalized by Snapchat and without the sender knowing.