Fast And Furious 6: The Game Of Speed

Fast And  Furious 6: The Game Of Speed

Are you a driving racing game lover? Fast and  Furious 6: The Game is the game you will not regret playing. The game was design and published by Kabam.

Kabam before now is renowned for developing games on free-to-play core game.

Fast and  Furious 6: The Game is design to re-enact the famous and ferious movie that we know. The difference here is that you are being handed the role of the actor.

This paticular Fast and  Furious 6 is built for android users. You can play the game either on your android tablet or mobile phone.

What you need to know about Fast and  Furious 6: The Game

The game starts by setting players in the streets of london where they are meant to compete with other competitors. The first to arive at the finish line wins the initial price and qualifies to compete in the next step.

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The other thing that happens is that the unique goal enters the gamer fully in thruttle missions.

This whole thing is aimed at motivating the player and spices up the race.

When playing your fast and furious, you will see your self competing with other online riders, you are to compete with them.

The game is built having a global Leaderboard that shows the world leaders as the game progresses.

The perfect thing about the game is that players can select thier choice car from  the list of cars available. They can as well personlize their cars using decal and original paintjobs before any major racing competition.

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Lots of cars from big brands like; Honda, BMW, Ford and Dodge are placed for players to select from.

When playing, riders can select heros car of Fast and  Furious 6: The Game.

With this, players can get set for online competitions organized by online to keep users engagged with massive competition.

The cars are built with higher speed and prices are giving to winners and their names meant to appear on Leaderboard.

The game is a clear interesting and engaging game.

Click here to download.