Fishing Saga: Download Fishing Saga For Free Here (Fishing Hunter)

Fishing saga was specifically built for the fish hunters or those in love with fishing. It is one of the leading fishing games around. In this game, the player is invited to hunt for fishes in a deep sea.

The player is handed a fishing cannon to go to this vast sea for fish hunting. The gamer is expected to launch his/her fishing net into the sea and at the end collect dolls and coins as accolade.

This game is design for android users whether tablet of mobile phone.

More Feature of Fishing Saga

While on with the game, the player is expected to launch into the depth of the sea . At that spot, you will see lots of sea creatures waving back and forth. Here the player is expected to collects these creatures using the fishing cannon.

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The player actually pickup game points by collecting these dolls and shinny fishes

Graphics Of Fishing Saga

This game came with a 3D classic graphics. This fishing hunter game player has 12 types of dolls in the sea, 16 other ocean creatures as well as 8 other kind of fishes in the sea.

All that is expected from the player is for him to collect the required number of dolls to upgrade to another level of the game. These will as well attract other character.

This game gives player’s opportunity to access the Exotic 3D high-definition crispy image of the sparkling lovely dolls.

When on the game, players are offered list of skins to select from. Any of the skins comes with 3D graphics. So you are free to select from any of the skins when playing the Fishing Hunter game.

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Power-Ups help the gamer gain vital points needed to upgrade to the next level and increase the score. These power-ups come like Treasure Chests which is carried by one of the fishes in the sea. So all the gamer need to do at that stage is to make plans of catching these fishes, that will enable him to win coin and dolls in a single shot.

The game is quite interesting and fun of fun mostly with the 3Dgraphic that it presents.

Download Fishing Saga – Fishing Hunter For Free

This game as stated earlier is specific for just Android user. The game runs only on android phones and Tablet. Interest persons can download the game for free. To download Fishing Saga, click here.