Next Freeze – Android: Download Next Freeze For Your Android Devise Now.

Next Freeze – Android; Download Next Freeze For Your Android Device Now:

Each time I hear freeze, the next question that comes to my mind is when the Next Freeze is coming up.

Freeze app stands for massive photo capture and sync at the same time. It is more of an organized image capturing competition.

Next Freeze – Android make people take their choice pictures at the same time, and get the pictures shared on social media networks.

Next Freeze helps people to take the picture of the world around them and at the same time see the world around other users of the service at the same time.

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How Next Freeze For Android Works.

Since Next Freeze makes its users take pictures at the same time, it, therefore, has a stop time at regular interval through which images are taken simultaneously across the globe by users wherever they live.

Next-Freeze notifies users of the freeze. Few minute before the freeze, users are alert so they get ready for the next freeze and the notification is done using the apps push notification.

This notification leads to the countdown were the pictures are taken at the same time by users.

After then, user is expected to share their best of shots with fellow freeze snappers within 90 seconds to shared their snapped.

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All freeze has their own unique hashtag that differentials it. You may like to follow it or turn it down.

The most interesting part of the whole process is that after each freeze, the best freeze gets to be featured on social media.

Freeze also works on iOS phones and more.

Download next freeze.

To download this app, click here to do that.