FPse For Android – Download FPse For Android Now

FPse For Android – Download FPse Now

FPse  is your best emulator for PSone games on your Android phones. With this emulator, it brings users with superior quality both in the game’s image and sounds. The amazing thing about this app is that it comes with easy of handling.

The FPse For Android emulator supports both virtual screen and manual hard key phones.

Graphics of FPse For Android

With the support of OpenGL extension, FPse app provides users with high-quality graphics and superior rendering in the sound quality.

With the use of .cue file, FPse For Android can emulate audio tracks Apart from the game.

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FPse comes with GunCon. Those that goes with shooting action games knows how important it to have GunCon.

FPse For Android comes with supports for analog sticks as well as games peripherals like your basic accelerometer.

Users are advised to create ISO image file in other for them to get the fullest of PSone games from their android device.

Users don’t need to border themselves about image file format compatibility as FPse comes with supports for a wide range of image format like .img or .nrg.

I will like to spell it out here that FPse For Android emulates .bin as well as .cue audio file formats. With this, players can save their games at various stages and sessions of their play on the emulated game. The recording on this emulator is done in real time. What this means is that player can now quit the game and resume again from where to stopped earlier on.

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I love FPse for its ability to emulate even multi-player games without hitches. It even makes it easy for users to experience LAN multi-player mode with up to two Android player and devices. This platform provides more online cheat for games as well as possible way of playing each game.

Download FPse For Android

To download this app, click here.