www.olx.com – Buy and Sell Goods Easily online with OLX

www.olx.com – Buy and Sell Goods Easily online with OLX

From The stable of Fabric Grinda and Alec Oxenford comes www.olx.com. It is a leading online platform for selling and buying of brand new and fairly used Items and service. Olx has established itself as an international and global commercial market for buying and selling of items. It is similar to jiji.ng in Nigeria but olx is a global player.

TO Login OLX, Click  Here.

Lots of offline and online market have crumbled over the years due to inabilities to come with the wrath of scammers and fraudsters. But today, OLX offers both online and offline platform for trade.

It runs on over 45 countries and is presently the biggest of all classified advertising in Brazil, Pakistan, India, and Poland.  No wonder lots of people want to buy from www.olx.com

It was established in 2016 and ever since it has played out to be a leading global market for both buyers and sellers alike.

OLX.COM Web Platform

As stated before, the website is for both buyer and sellers. Once you have product or service you want to buy or sell, then www.olx.com should be your best bet.

OLX gives free classified advert for both the buyers and sellers that have an account with the service. Once logged in to the web portal, you can be able to buy and sell wares on this platform.

Other Services rendered on www.olx.com

The service is not just about buying and selling as users can get other services like real estate, job opportunities and more.

On the site, you will notice lots of Ads. Don’t go confuse about it. You can use the quick search button to locate the service or what you prefer to buy on jobberman.com.

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There are categories by the site admin to help you easily see you and locate what you want. Products and service are enlisted in accordance with the related categories. The Categories are as listed below;

Animals & Pets.

Electronic & Video.

Fashion & Beauty.

Home Furniture & Garden.

Mobile Phones & Tablets.

Real Estate.

Job & Services.


Hobbies, Art & Sport.

When you visit Olx.com, all that should come to your mind is buying and selling.

Do you have items you no longer have a need for, then, OLX is the best platform to convert your items into money. This is the domain that offers you real buyers and sellers of anything.

Sell on Olx.com

I will like to notify you once more that everyone can be a seller. There is no special thing that can make one a seller than to sign up OLX. With your account on, just try and update your account and contact information for those that wants to buy or sell to you.

To sell anything on this portal,

  1. Firstly, launch your browser, key in the official URL which is www. Olx.com
  2. Look out for the “Sell” Icon on the top part of the menu and click on it.
  3. Select what brand of product you want to sell. That is either OLX champ sells or sells yourself.
  4. Construct a good title for your product. It is the fragrance that attracts your buyers to you.
  5. Use the next space to describe the product in full. Provide the details of the working condition of the said product.
  6. Next, complete all the necessary sellers’ information as may be required of you. Ensure once more that your details are correct – Mostly your contact details.
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Add an attractive picture of the item be it new or fairly used. Check you detail again and before your click on Post my Ads button.

Buy on OLX.com

To buy On Olx is that simple. You can do this offline or online but the process must start online.

Search on the site for any favorite wares that you like online. There are thousands of ads online to choose from. Ensure that you are logged in to your account before you start to bargain.

To buy on OLX;

  1. Open you browser, key in olx.com
  2. Use the search keyword to locate what you really want to buy. Remember to use the city where you prefer to buy from.
  3. At this stage, you will get to see several ads listed for your purchase. All products ads come with seller’s details and address. You can contact the seller to complete the transaction whether offline or online.

Users of this site should be reminded that payments are not done online. you can contact the seller and the item before payment is done. What that means is that you need to meet the seller in person before you can make payment.

If trust could be established between the both of you, you can exchange money and good without seeing but could be risky.

How to I Contact My Buyer?

Organize a meeting point using the phone contact, meet and check the items, and then make payment. Ensure you are good with the product before you make payment.

Thanks for your time.