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Game play has moved on from one platform to another. It has been from your device all this while before people started having issues with compatibility due to device memory size and ram. Now, game play has moved online and one of the best sites for your online game play is gives you the best of gameplay online. Friv website is dedicated to playing games online using your browser online. is a leading gaming community that offers players wider screen when playing online game.

One of the leading plus to this website is that it offers online gamers HD Gaming graphics which might be absent on most online sites.

When you are playing game on, you are assured of high-quality games sound. Soundtracks motivate and bring out the intriguing part of games while you play. web Platform

the web platform is the best way to access the games that this site brings. The web portal is built with over 250 games and can be accessed from the site without restriction.

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A visit on will display for your viewing over 250 games that the site is built with.

Every user that visits the site is granted access to all the games on the site.

The 250 games a visible on the website homepage screen.  Users are to look for a big cursor on the site with which you can click on any of the game. Go on to click to access your game of choice by clicking. does not require you to have an account on the site. So as it stands, you don’t need any form of username, password or form login process to play game on the site.

The site is available for both the web users and mobile user as well. You can choose which platform you prefer to use. On any of the platforms you choose to use, you will be greeted with high-end graphics.

How to play Free games of

If you are new to, a first visit will land you on the homepage where you will be greeted with lots of games icons.

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The good part of friv is that the graphic is second to none.

So to play game on, visit with your browser

  1. Open your device browser and on the address bar key in
  2. This will display lots of icons of games from which you can choose from.
  3. Click on the game of your choice and wait for few seconds for it to load. This will firstly bring you’re the game the game instruction. Click on continue to start playing free online game on friv.

The game will require you to make use of your keyboard when playing. The screen is superb that it allows players to gain a great view of the games and screen of the sites with ease. Other Domain

The site has other domain that users can visit for more games.