How To Stop Google Plus Notifications Emails On Gmail

How To Stop Google Plus Notifications Emails On Gmail.

Gmail recently introduced a feature that allows Google Plus clients to send an email to a fellow Google plus users email box. with this feature, any user on Google plus can send you emails via Google plus to your connected Gmail account, mostly when you are an active person on Google Plus.

With this update, it shows Google’s interest in linking and integrating all its services.

Once you open up a Google plus account, you, re automatically opened to this.

How you can Stop Google Plus Notifications Emails on You Gmail.

Your inbuilt Gmail Spam filter has the ability to keep spam mail at a bay, but this emails from Google plus could be annoying.

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To get this done;

  1. Lunch your Gmail account, click on settings, then under General settings tab, take a look out at for emails via Google+
  2. With the dropdown display, select ‘No One’ from the options.
  3. Click on save button to get it save.

This setting actually allows you to monitor and control the mails that land on your Gmail email.

Stop Google Plus Notifications Emails On your Gmail could affect Google plus active user each time they fail to get a notification email about happening.

There is a way to go about this to those that are active on Google+ so that they still get some notifications.

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Using the same procedure as optained above, select ‘Circles or Extended Circle Option’ instead of using the ‘No one’ option as stated earlier on.

Hope this help?