Pebble Makes Price Cut For Smartwatches Permanent.

Pebble Makes Price Cut  For Smartwatches Permanent.

Pebble Tuesday made it open it’s temporary price cut for its Smartwatches will now be permanent.

“Consistently improving the Pebble experience over time is what makes us thick. Our unique approach to technology comes to life with every new feature, update and delighted user. Driven by the pursuit of awesome we work 24-7 to keep Pebble community happy, healthy, and growing,” in the words from Pebble blog post. “Today we’re celebrating the success of Pebble Health and the Time-series watches it works with.

With this development, Pebble Time is going out for $149.00 while Pebble Time Round goes for $199.99”.

“Our friends in the EU and UK will see wide price improvements.  Since you intend to see all Pebble watches align more closely with our US pricing, we work hard to make it happen” said Pebble.

For EU clients, Pebble Time will be going for £150 and the Pebble TIME Round goes for £180. The new price review did not affect Pebble Time Steel, as the price is still standing at $249 or £200.

Those that made the purchase for Pebble Time and Pebble Round watches within and after January 21 can contact Pebble for price refund.

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Those interested in the refund should expect it from April 1, 2016.