GO SMS Pro – Get the Best of GO SMS Pro | Download GO SMS Pro Here

GO SMS Pro – Get the Best of GO SMS Pro | Download GO SMS Pro Here

GO SMS Pro was specifically built for android users. It is an app for android users that allows schedule, to restore and backup SMS on Android devices.  With this app, users can reply incoming SMS as well as missed calls on the same Android device.

This app was programmed and designed by Go Dev Team for the android users.

More Features Of GO SMS Pro

Themes: This app came with more than 200 themes for free version users. Users can also use the Theme store to download more themes and there are more themes in the developer’s store.

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Private Box: we all run into a situation where we might want some SMS hidden from prying eyes. If that is your issue, this app will help you get over it with the inbuilt private Box. You can hide some of your SMS and get the encrypted with a password. It takes only your password to get these set of messages viewed.

SMS B&R: users can backup and restore SMS on their Android devices. It came with a configuration backup settings with which users can use to complete the backup. If you decide to backup your message, GO SMS Pro provides cloud storage backup system with unlimited cloud storage capacity.

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Emiticons: This app gives out more than 800 facial and symbols expression emoticons to help enliven SMS. Users can as well choose to include animated stickers to their various SMS as well as MMS before sending them.

With this app, users can send MMS of up to 20MB in size. The Good thing about this app is that users can configure them to suit user’s taste. It comes with the option of instant messages for those that love the social media format.

Download GO SMS Pro

This app will run only on Android devices. To download, click here and install.