Google Inbox to replace Gmail soon

Google Inbox to replace Gmail soon

Gmail email now has 900 million active users worldwide, making Gmail the first webmail service in the world to reach that height said Sunder Pichai one of Google’s personnel at the last Thursday’s developers conference held in San Francisco. The last time we had about Google users statistic far 2012 when the record was somewhere around 450 million registered users. With the above figure, it shows that Google mail has double its record in the space of three years. Sundar Pichai on delivering the keynote at the event also gave further statistics that 75% of these users are actually on the mobile platform and as well checking their mail via mobile device.

With this in mind, Google newly introduced “Inbox App” is now the way out as that App keep going through lots of updates and new features being added to meet the growing needs and demands in the webmail market. user can begin to  download the app on iOS, Android and the web.

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Notably, this also applies to businesses using Google Apps accounts, which are also able to access Inbox, provided the account’s administrator enables the moves and lots of features to make Google inbox App the toast of the day. The Google inbox App is now smarter with the introduction reminders, deep linking and support for Google Keep, all just to make your experience on Google’s “inbox App” great.

Not just the reminder alone, but Messages that include words the app detects as actions — “send me your schedule for the week,” for example — will come with prompts. Again Messages that include words the app detects as actions — “send me your schedule for the week,” for example — will come with prompts to set a relevant reminder within Inbox. Likewise, Google Keep reminders will now surface within Inbox.

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What amazed me most is that the app has taken deep linking to the next level. From now, any content that comes from say a third-party services will open from the company’s corresponding App instead  of the old pattern of opening from a mobile browser window Google is also ramping up the app’s deep linking, meaning content from third-party services will open directly in that company’s corresponding app, rather than a mobile browser window. Other features you will readily see are “trip bundle”; it allow users put in groups alike emails together on the basics of their travel plans.

Others are swiping left and right to unveil Dropbox’s Mailbox app, “undo send” that allow users to delay each mail sent by a customizable time ranging from 5 seconds and more.  “Undo send” mail could actually save you from mess of sending incomplete mails or typo issues in a mail before sending.