Download Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini Android

Download Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini Android

Opera Mini for Android is now available on opera mini market for Android users. It comes with lots of improved package that will make your browsing awesome great. It is presently built to take less of your time and bandwidth. Opera mini for android consumes just one-tenth the bandwidth of a normal mobile browser in lesser time. Like UC Browser for Android, opera mini comes with a unique download manager that gives you control over the download items on our download list. This new download manager also enables you to choose which folder you want to save your files like the new introduction of opera max and SurfEasy.

The function of the new Opera Mini for android mode is somewhat different from that of a normal Web browser. This is because of the amount of data which has to be sent are reduced, but with some loss to function.

Opera mini for Android now comes with great browsing time which included tabbed browsing, a password manager. The other is improved touch screen support, and a new interface, with a visual unified Speed Dial that allows users set favorite web page with just one click using the in-built visual Bookmarks.

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Opera Mini for Android Share Button

What I love most about this new opera mini is the share button which allows users to share tips and files gotten online with friends and client on services such as Dropbox, emails like Gmail, Esave, Bluetooth, Hangout, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter,, Skype, Whatsapp, Send by LAN, Memo, Color note, Drive, copy to clipboard, Viber and Wi Fi Direct.

On the home screen of the new opera mini for android is the suggested link like; News, Finance, Travel, Sport. The rest are Music, Movies, and social media quit dial tabs. Along with it is the normal opera mini; Bookmark, History, Start page, Save Pages, Downloads, Settings, Find in Page, Share and help.

Opera Mini Hot Tabbed Browser

Opera mini moved above its rivals with the modern Tab browsing experience. It allows the user to browse multiple sites of choice at the same time without hitches of any kind. It makes it a whole lot easy to find the content that you want. The new opera mini for android comes with Text wrapping though the feature is made more potent with the latest release’s dynamic pinch-zoom; this feature actually allows users to search for terms within the page.

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It is indeed true that opera web browser was designed for mobile phones, smart phones and personal digital assistants mostly the Android version.

My only reservation about opera mini is its inability to justify the addition of add-ons to its browser and it renders a static image when it meets Flash or HTML5 contents. But the speed of the browser remains awesome not minding whether the page comes with tables, imagery, JavaScript, Flash, and, in some cases, pop-ups.

How to download Opera mini for Android

On your android smartphone, move to Google play store, use the search button and type “opera mini”, when it comes up, click on it to install. In no distant time, your phone will show a notice of a success installed app.

Check your list of apps you will see the new opera mini tab, load and accept when the app is done loading. With that, I can welcome you now to the amazing world of opera mini for android.