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Google Plus Login | Google Plus Photos | Google Plus Sign In | Www.Google.Com: Google plus is social media from the giant itself “Google”. Plus allows you connect with friends  or client and business associates in a special that is called “Circle”.

Circle allows allow users categories their friends into “Friends or Family, Acquaintance, Following and news. Explore your interests Group posts by topic with Collections of your choice.

Google permit user to join communities of people of choice topic anytime anyway.

A beautiful looking social media devoid of adverts. But in spit of all i still give regard to window live messenger and facebook.

Some of Google plus features includes the ability to post photos and status updates to the stream or interest based communities (When you join any of the communities).

On this social media there are different types of relationships (rather than simply “friends” common amongst other social sites) into Circles.

Plus is actually a multi-person instant messaging site for all. Users can text and video chat called Hangouts, location tagging as well as the unique ability to edit and upload your personal photos to private cloud-based albums that can be accessed in subsequent days.

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A social media site that was created in the year 2011 and now boast of over 500 million users worldwide.

The earlier stage of the service saw plus decline in active membership. But new plus will blow your mind. It was actually lunch November 18 2015.

This upgrade brought about unique looks and operational model for both the app and web formats of the service.  This November upgrade is a significant redesign of Google+.

It actually makes Google plus to focus more on Communities and Collections functionality. A deliberate effort that now makes Google plus more of interest-based social networking site.

Google Plus Collection, Plus Featured Collections

This is another part of plus that is actually a plus. With collections, you can follow and see amazing stuff created by creative minds within the social network.

You are also allowed to join this creative passionate mind by keeping something unique in this collection.

You can choose to follow any of the lists of collection to explore and get informed whenever the said person makes future update in collection.

The third Colum shows your own list of collection. You can create your personal collection for public or private view. This is quite amazing. Yes! Quit an amazing feature that shows the height of creativity.

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Google Plus Page and How is works | Google+ Pages

Google+ Pages was established in 2011 with the sole aim of bringing business owners with their fans. It allows fans and client of business to show the way they actually appreciate the product and services of the said business or company.

This is a deliberate way of connecting businesses and fans. So organizations have to set up profiles, or “pages”, for the posting and syndication of posts. It’s just a replicate of Facebook Pages that we are all familiar with.

Google plus Photos

For your smooth photo experience, Google+ brought about Creative Kit an online photo editor integrated into the services of Google plus services.

The recent update from plus saw them paying more attentions on photo improvement in the service.

Google Plus Sign Up

To sign up Google plus, all that is required is for you to open up Gmail email account. By default all the Gmail account are integrated to Google plus.

To Google plus click here.

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