Social Media Addiction And How You Can Control It

Social Media Addiction And How You Can Control It: Social media is a virtual community were users interact for mutual or social benefit. It is a  computer-mediated platform where subscribers can share felling and ideas using different tools of choice.

Social media allows users to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, using pictures, videos, Emoji and chats to communicate their feeling with their friend client and families.

The main ideology behind social media is to make users creation and exchange contents that same users generated.

The focus of this article comes in when users stop knowing when to use and when not to use social media. So they are subject to staying on social media platform beyond their propose time due to;

  1. The fun they derive from while online.
  2. Desperation to keep being relevant.
  3. Gaming with friends online.
  4. Addiction to social media.
  5. A way of occupying the mind during bore moments and more.

When one starts spending time on social media beyond what is suppose, then addiction to social media has crept in. This is the situation when one no longer has control over how much time he or she spends online on social media just for fun.

Some people spending longer time on social medias just because they have a business that is rewarding that they are engaged in. some of them do digital marketing using tools from linkedin and facebook. These are not among the set of addict that this work is meant for.

Social Media Addiction Research

Recent research showed that 5 to 10 percent of today’s internet users don’t actually know how to control how much time they spend while on the internet mostly social network sites (Skype, Linkdin  wechat, viber, 2go, snapchat and more).

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This singular action portrays massive form of addiction that is similar to that of those on drug – a massive degradation of white matter in the region that controls emotional processing, attention and decision making in the life of addict.

Social Media Addiction Definition

As stated before, addiction to social network can ne defined as a situation where one no longer has control over how much time he or she spends online on social media just for fun.

Social media addiction statistics

Majority of those that are victims are younger generations. Some got into the situation just for the singular reason of meeting the opposite sex online (Dating sites like Badoo and tagged that are highly engaging). Other join up just to keep friendship alive or as a means of disconnecting with their immediate environment. Which so ever way it is, one thing that makes the process bad is the addiction- a never ending affection and desire to stay online.

Social Media Addiction Study And Symptoms

There are lots of social disorders that characterize the life of a person that is addicted to social media.

Social media addict rarely get in touch with the realities of life.

They tend to prefer online friends than physical friends.

They can abandon or procrastinate activities or events under their watch just for the sole reason of keeping in touch with friends online.

Some of them develop some level of harsh behavior most when they can’t connect with friends online.

Social Media Addiction Quotes

Some popular quote they put up is “social media or nothing else”. This is really a negative living habit.

Facebook addiction

Facebook and twitter addition is one of them. As some users spend average of seven hours a day on facebook (productive time).

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Lots of Social media addiction essay has been written aimed at discouraging uncontrolled time spent on these platforms.

How You Can Control addition to social media

Agree that you’re an addict

Yes! To get out of the whole thing you need to admit that you are an addicted user of social media sites. Denial will keep you perpetual addicted. So a mere acceptance that you are addicted could pave way for your coming out of the whole process.

Write a personal time table and to do list

Take total control of your daily activities. Get the most important things done first and with greater commitment. Never be carried away be the pleasure of abandoning your most important task for social media fun or updates.

Limit access

If possible remove or reduce your monthly data budget. What I do most times is to unstall my most used social media app like my whatsapp most time.

Change up your Daily activities

This is one of the best ways of curbing addiction to social media. Simply change up your activities by going in for more physical that online activities till you social behavior changes. You can choose to be going for a work, read engaging books and sporting activities.

Limit real time messaging

Try to remove either the notification or tone of some push notification social media app. They have a way of determining your behavior. Try and make social media the least important in your daily activities by replying chats of the day time messages at night.

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