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Hangouts: Google Hangout Hangouts App   Hangout Download

Google hangouts or Google+ Hangouts is a cross-platform social media with outstanding voice and video call, improved contact list, amazing picture sharing and colorful Emoji. You can express yourself better to your friends with integrated map for location sharing, stickers, and animated GIFs. Most people still questions like what is Google Hangouts, how does hangouts work and more? In this article, we will be talking more on how Google hangouts works, its features and how you can maximize Google Hangouts Chat from Google Inc.

How Google Hangout Works

After your installation hangouts app from Android Apps on Google Play, the app will require you to enter your Google hangout logging details or create an account. Your will immediately by greeted with three fairly bright-green columns; your friends list, column for text messages and last column is the dialer pad where you can make free calls with friends and family that are on Google service.

You can now startup your chat with friends either on the text/ sms platform, sending of colorful stickers and Emoji, sharing of locations, voice or video calls. Any voice call you place sing Google hangouts are actually placed on your Google voice number which is absolutely free worldwide except your mobile carrier has extra charges.


Google hangout calls all through the US remain free while calls outside US could cost you few pennies but calling to US and Canada is free. I personally love the way Google hangout manages Screen listing of friends as my frequently used contacts appears to come first in my contact arrangement.

Hangout permits you to meet live with my team anywhere in the world, and again switch over to their screen from the multiple screens available to see what they are working and help them with their design and then jump over to a Google doc and work on copy with a brand manager. Hangout provides you with a perfect work around.

I love the way Hangout conversations are automatically archived and searchable along with your email.Most users mostly make it clear that they love the mobile apps, in-line gif support, and the desktop extension for chrome which leaves hangouts running.

The newly revamp Google hangout makes multiple Photo uploads on desktop as well as the mobile app easy and also super fast. Google hangouts surpasses multiple apps mostly in the area of Integration with texting which I can confess is a great plus too!

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Google Hangouts chat Is Now on the Web like Facebook Messenger

Google Hangouts now has its own website. Hangout which gained popularity and offers instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VoIP features on its App platform is now available on the web. Starting today you can go to to make a phone call or ping a friend and clients anywhere in the world. Google builds a standalone Hangouts website to suit most web users.

So knowing full well that Google Hangouts now has its own website, you can access your account anywhere and having a perfect chat integration and sync. For more detail you can check Hangouts Help Forum of    Google Hangouts Wiki.

Hangouts App   Hangout Download

Google hangouts work perfectly almost in all OS for free, ranging from Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows (Chrome extension), Web (most modern browsers supported), OS X (Chrome extension), and Linux (Chrome extension). Not minding your device; Hangouts on the App Store on iTunes or Google play store, download Google hangout App for free. To download hangouts on your android device, the gadget must be running on at least Android 4.0 and for you to successfully integrate Google voice, all you need to do is to download Google hangout dialer.