How to Add Multiple Inbox To Gmail – Get the Tip

How to Add Multiple Inbox To Gmail- Get the Tip

Gmail multiple inboxes help you view more at once. This Gmail feature from Gmail Labs allows Gmail email users to add extra emails to the list that exists in their inbox so they can be viewed at once.

This singular feature allows users to bring to inbox messages labels, starred messages, drafts and more. The messages from these email inboxes can be brought to the main Gmail inbox and viewed once.

This is so much of a different approach to how we view email compared to the traditional inbox system. So this article will give you a simple walkthrough on how to add multiple inboxes to your Gmail account.

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How to Add Multiple Inbox To Gmail

to get this done, move on to the settings on your Gmail email account. Click on the gear icon, select the “Labs”. With this done, on the newly displayed page lookout for “Add multiple inboxes”. Click the enable button to get it enabled and then click “Save changes” to get the new setting saved.

Having done so, when you return to Gmail email inbox, refresh your new page and you will see your content showing all the enabled inboxes like your inbox, starred item, drafts and all other pages you have enabled. They will all display in a single view and you will be able to take a once view of all your inboxes.

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But f you want to determine which of the inboxes you will see, go back to the setting page and click the same “Multiple inboxes” tab. You will be given more than five panes to add to your present inbox view. If you look closely, you will also see that you can select how many conversations per inbox you intend to see. It even goes ahead to hand you the option of the positioning whereof the additional panes you just added.

This is interesting but if you still have any questions, please contact us through the comment box.

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