For any issue you have with Google mail, I am going to show you how you can connect for Google help.
Make sure you follow this step am going to tell you correctly.

How To Get Gmail Support.

To get gmail support and help click

Or Get Gmail Support:

• You check the Gmail status: Google may already be aware of your issue.
• Go to Gmail help site.
• Make sure you select the specific area of your problem.
• Follow the log-in link under account if you get if you get an error trying to log-in.
• Under “fix an issue” select your issue.
• Gmail will suggest for you, follow the steps suggested for you problem.
• Make sure you click contact us near the page’s Bolton.
• Try a troubleshooting step that could also apply to your problem if you didn’t see “contact us”.
• Fill the form with your detailed info.
• Click submits.
Note: you can always suggest an improvement to the Gmail forum or raise an issue in the official Gmail forum.
Visit The Gmail Help Forum:
• Click on post a question.
• Log-in with your Gmail address and with your password.
• Are you registered for Google help?
• Enter your forum name.
• You must examine the forum teams and servicers.
• Click on accept and continue.
But if you are not a member of the forum, am going to show you how you can become one by following these steps below:
• Under your display name for Google product forum, you must place name you want to show up next to your own post.
• To show your photo and post and your Google profile connect your forum personal to you Google profile.
• Join this group clicking join group.
• Under the question line, type your short problem.
• In the larger text field type your Gmail help
• Enter your details, not your (password).
• Under categories select your issue.
• Click on post b, hope it was helpful.

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