Inbox By Gmail: Get the latest Inbox By Gmail App On Your Device Today

Inbox By Gmail: Get the latest Inbox By Gmail App On Your Device Today

Google recently release the long awaited Inbox By Gmail. Inbox by Gmail is designed to give Google Email users a great boost on how they use Email. This service is far away from the traditional Gmail email inbox.

This new app from Google gives users a much more control over email overload which has over the years been a bottleneck to email users.

Features of Inbox By Gmail

The following write-up will expose you to what you stand to get using the inbox by Google mail.

  1. Highlight: Get the most important info at a Glance Using Inbox By Gmail

Highlight presents you with the most important information in your message. It highlights information like Event information, flight itineraries, photos and documents emailed to along with your mail from clients and family.

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This same highlight displays important information from the web that is not contained in the original mail; real-time status, package delivery, and fight status.

Highlight works with Bundle (another feature in Inbox) to provide you with needed information at a glance.

  1. Bundle: Bundle is an expansion from the traditional email category.

With Bundle, users can now deal with similar emails at once. Mails like purchase receipt and Bank statement can be grouped together to ensure quick review and a single swipe can take them away. The inbox can be customized to make certain types of emails grouped together.

  1. Higher Control with Undo Send, swipes to Delete as well as Signature.
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A simple way has been included with which you can add up your custom signature.

Swipe action can now be customized. You can choose default action of swipe to be Delete Message and more.

Undo Send help users recall back a sent mail. With your mobile using Inbox By Gmail, you can take back a sent mail seconds after sending when you notice a mistake or think twice.

4 Reminders, Snooze, and Assists:

This app came with this features that help users set a reminder for all sort of event ranging from Office meeting, Movie time and calling your parents. All of this can be assigned to Inbox By Gmail to ensure prompt attention.