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Www.ATT.NET | mail | att login sign up at SBC global sign up: – remains a household name in the United States when it comes to the telecom sector, it is the biggest cooperation when talking telephoning in the US today. A well known ISP and mail services provider to its client.

No one can rival in the area of landline telephone communication system in the US.

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Brief History of started up in 1983 before it embarked on lots of merger activities. Its merger and growth have seen this company grow big with over 250,000 employees.

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Headquartered in Dallas United

AT&T, formerly known as SBC internet services was once based a

On ISP services before it partnered with Yahoo mail to form a synergy on the brand called AT&T Yahoo.

This partnership with Yahoo brought about co-brands like dial-up and DSL internet service

But these services only serve those customers under telephone services of AT&T and within the coverage area.

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This partnership between AT&T and Yahoo was later rebranded to SBC Yahoo due to SBC merger with AT&T Corporation. Email Account: what you need to get along this mail service.

Every user or potential client of this great mailing and ISP Company that want to come onboard should ensure he or she have an internet connection to his or device and must have the system’s IP targeted toward the United States.

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To sign up, click this link to get connected to the registration page.

When fully displayed, click on sign up button; enter your details as mail be required by the service.

Hit the sign up button to get going.

In case you’re having any reservation or difficulty, visit the AT&T eSupport web page to lodge your complaints. also renders services like Uverse; a movie site ant online TV site that will blow your mind with lots of classical movie series.