Qualities of Best antivirus

Qualities of Best antivirus For an antivirus to be certified best, there are certain criteria that it must meet. So many wants to by antivirus for their device both for office and home use, but for the simple reason that there are lots products in the market, one might go confuse on which product to actually go for. There are lots of good brands of antivirus in the market which one can really can a best antivirus that will cost you few dollars. Virus are dangerous to your laptops, desktop, tablets and mobile phone, so you get them secures before you lose those important files of your.

Qualities of a Best Antivirus

For any antivirus to be called best and reliable antivirus, the product should have the following features; Anti- Malware, Anti- Spyware, Anti- Worm, Anti- Rootkit, ability to scan incoming mails and received files, Bootable Rescue CD, Anti-clean effected files, Infected files Quarantine, Instant Messaging Protection, Anti- Phishing, should have Gamer mode, Identity Safe, Password manager.

Good and best antivirus software should have inclusive in its features; schedule scan, email security, Anti- Spyware tool and USB drive scan. Most recent antivirus now comes with free credit monitoring service for securing browser during online transaction and shopping using credit card. This prevents hackers from hacking credit card details while shopping.

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To crown it all, a best antivirus or what I will call a professional editors choice antivirus should provide email support, phone support, and live chats to its prospective clients 24/7