RepairDNS: Get Rid of DNS Infections with RepairDNS.

RepairDNS: Get Rid of DNS Infections with repairs.

This software is another quick-fix solution from the stable of Nicolas Coolman that users to detect and eject certain DNS infections.

This software comes handy when it comes to arresting DNS infections.

It dwells more in the case of hosts files infections that seem
to change dynamic link resource “DNSAPI” just for the purpose of creating and forwarding addresses in the host’s files commonly called ‘Jabuticaba, La Superba, v-Bates’ and more.

How it  works

In functionality, this software check for a healthy copy of the infected file, use the healthy one to replace the infected file.

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It details the outcome of the work on the user’s desktop.

How to use RepairDNS

Since the file is portable, you can download and install this file by clicking here.

Runs and installs the start of the proper usage.