Alicemail: Alice Adsl Mail, Alicemail Personale

Alicemail is one of the most used email services in Italy. If you live in Italy or environ, I know you would not need a further introduction about Alice Adsl Mail service.

Just the same way Google owns Gmail and Yahoo Yahoo mail, so so alicemail owned by Telecom Italy, a leading telecom service provider that provides free mail to its telecom client.

Every other brand the once existed with alice mail under Telecom Italy have been sold except Alice email as it helped in selling the Telecom Italy’s mobile communication brand.

Today, alice mailbox serve lots and lots of people in Italy.

Features of Alicemail.

Alice mail is well known for simplified in its interface. The interface can virtually be managed by all. If you the type that likes handling you mails randomly, them this mail service is for you.

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Each time you subscribe to Telecom and TIM services, you get this email service along with free optical fiber or ADSL.

One of the features that makes alice mail unique is its anti-spam and antivirus capability that help helps protect your mails against any form of threat. With this mail, you sure of strong protection against any form of malware, spyware and more. So you can read your mails and download file with confident. Any spam captured by this mail is kept in a separate folder and is delete by default after 20 days.

Just like as other webmail like yahoo mail, Gmail, GMX, Rediff mail and more, alicemail can function as a professional email service in grand style. It came 3 GB of storage space, a figure the mail giants we know cannot boast of. Alice mail account can allow users attach files of up to 2GB compared to 25MB allowed by other services.

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Alicemail personale is fast, intuitive, simple and smooth to operate. It has a perfect organization and easy to manage as a user can preview photos and get them shared on Facebook.

You can choose to import contact and address from other mails of yours. It provides other services like AliceMail Pocket, Alice Messenger, and users can create a blog and personal blog and create a photo album.

All TIM and Adsl users can also access this mail for its SMS, fax, MMs and mail.

Alice mail allows the user to access any of the protocol of IMAP POP3. Sign up for the service today.

Alicemail sign up.

To sign up for the service is easy, just click here and follow the easy guide.