Set Profile Picture In Gmail: How to set Your Gmail Profile Picture

Set Profile Picture In Gmail: How to set Your Gmail Profile Picture

Profile picture is one special feature in Gmail that helps users stand out.

In this article, we will take our time to explain extensively on how to Set Profile Picture in Gmail. Profile Picture In Gmail

Each time you set up this picture, it makes your pictures appear on every email you send, appear on your charts list and those your email recipient each time you send them emails.

To upload pictures your profile picture, you will need to complete your Gmail sign into your Gmail account.

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Next is for you to click settings, this will review the settings page where you can customize your mail.

On this page, click on ‘General’, scroll down the option till you see ‘My Picture’ then click on ‘Select a picture’.Set Profile Picture In Gmail

This option will give you access to browse for a photo from your PC; select your choice picture and Upload.

The Picture could come in any format ranging from PNG, GIF, JPEG and more.

The picture might not suit the size required, cropping might be needed. After then, click on ‘Apply Changes’

That is not all yet, you will need to still select who view your pictures or to what extent could the picture appear. Here you will need to choose from ‘Visible to everyone or visible to people I can chat with.