Backup Gmail Emails: Gmail Email Backup

Backup Gmail Emails: Gmail Email Backup have got to the top with its range of features that are aimed at giving users of Gmail account an extra fit compare to rivals webmail service.

This time around, Google lets its users download Gmail data. This simple trick will help users download every emails copy from their may box to their devices.

How to Complete Your Backup Gmail Emails: Gmail Email Backup

  1. To get this done, you will need to Login With your Gmail Email opened, click on your settings Button at the extreme end of Gmail inbox

It will display a web page like the one shown below.

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Next is to click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP button

With that done, Lock on Enable POP to Enable POP for every email.

When you are through with that, click on save to save the change made and complete the Backup Gmail Emails.

What this means is that you can choose to use another webmail client (Yahoo mail, GMX, Rediffmail,, Alice mail and more.) to view your Gmail emails in Offline mode. Open the selected email client and use them to access your Gmail offline.

Note that the email download comes gradual so you will need to wait for a little for the Gmail Email messages to show up in the new client for the first time.

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When downloading, note that Spam and trash emails will not be included in the Backup Gmail Emails that this backup will download for you to view in an offline mode or from another webmail service.

If you find it difficult achieving this in the first try, I will advise you go through the steps carefully till you get it done.

It is a perfect way to backing up your Gmail email for future use or for offline view.

If you have any reservation as per this article, I will advise you to drop a comment in our comment box.