Why Snapchat And Dubsmash Could Make Sense Merging

Snapchat and Dubsmash are no doubt one of the biggest social media network making the rounds today even though both of them are not really operating from say similar nitche, but merger between both could turn out to form a formidable force that will make a better sense.

What do Snapchat and Dubsmash in Their Feature Arsenal?

Snapchat as we know presently is growing faster than expected with over 700 million registered users worldwide. Snapchat services runs on the platform of allowing users send photos with messages where as Dubsmash with a similar growing figure of users allows its users to record a video while lip syncing over a dialogue or probably a song from a movie.

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With the above range of near features of both, merger between Snapchat and Dubsmash could really make much sense as users can now have just one service with which they can use Snapchat’s Lens, sending Video, special effects and at the same time lip syncing all sound and having fun.