VAIO Window Phone:: What you need to know about VAIO Phone Biz.

VAIO WindowPhone:: What you need to know about VAIO Phone Biz.

VAIO Phone  has now become the latest entrant to the list of Vaio products after the lingering lost-making laptop issue under Sony was relaxed. VAIO Phone Biz is actually the first of its kind on the range of VAIO Phones to run on windows.

This phone was able to overcome the staid, plastic body build of the popular Microsoft Flagships.

It is a phone you will really wish to get. It came with a sleek silver-flashy aluminum build which has always been a tradition to VAIO even in its laptop era.

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The phone came with high construction quality that can stand the hard test.

Qualities of VAIO Phone Biz.

The expected phone is built with a screen with 5.8-inch 1080p LCD, a superb 13-megapixel camera that can snap in a low light area, a whopping 3GB RAM space which runs on a Qualcomm snapdragon 617 processor.

The phone also has support for window 10’s continuum desktop mode.

Price of VAIO Phone Biz

This piece of tech breakthrough from VAIO will cost around ¥50,000 ($424) for its unlocked version.

According to reports, VAIO is working out partnership work with leading carrier Japan NTT Docomo to provide lots of apps as well as network support for the new VAIO Phone Biz that will hit the phone market by April 2016.