How to switch on night mode on apple watch

How to switch on night mode on apple watch

Even though there was a delay in the release of watch OS 2, the update for Apple watch that introduces native app from third-party, that did not affect the spread and popularity of apple watch in the market. It is true that the new update allows users to customize apple watch faces using their personal photos for the faces, make apple watch serve as alarm clock and as well draw with multiple color using digital touch. That is not all that there is to the new update.

The most significant breakthrough this time is that the new update allows users to activate the night mode. There are two ways you can get this done; through your iPhone and on the Apple watch. In this write up, you are going to learn how to activate apple watch night mode either through the iPhone or through Apple watch itself.

  • On your iPhone

To activate night mode for apple watch using your iphone, simply go to your phone settings↦ click on my watch↦ click on General and among the list of options available you will see Nightstand mode↦ click on it to activate it

  • On Apple watch.

With your apple watch on, go to settings↦ General Night stand mode ↦click on nightstand mode to activate it, then slide to the on position. Go on and place your iphone watch on its side while connected to charger to enable Nightstand mode to get activated.

With this done, your watch simply displays time, date, next alarm time as well as your present battery percentage. Carefully tap your phone screen or press your on button to show your current time using your screen. You will notice that before the alarm clock goes off that your night mode will gradually take effect brightening the screen till alarm goes off.