Synchronize Dropbox and Android, the perfect way to get it done

Synchronize Dropbox and Android, the perfect way to get it done: – Cloud file management giant Dropbox is a perfect tool that helps in file management and ensures a better functionality of the device with limited file storage capacity.

When it comes to filing management and data storage, that’s what dropbox does best. Dropbox helps in file storage and as well give user’s unhindered access to those files anytime anywhere. This article will beam its light on how Android users can Synchronize Dropbox and Android using their android device.

With dropbox, users can now have enough file space on their android device.

Just follow this article to learn how you can store your photos, movies, music and other files on dropbox and how you can access the same files through your device, leaving your device with enough storage space.

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Dropbox is a cloud storage tool, so you can install Dropbox on your android device and enjoy and benefit from dropbox cloud storage services.

How To Synchronize Dropbox And Android

To get this done, firstly you need to install dropbox on your device. Click here to install from Google Play Store.

Upon installing, move on to your phone settings and click on ‘Cloud’.

Tap on the ‘Add Dropbox account’. Then enter your dropbox logging details, and then permit your device to access your folders in dropbox.

Upon the permitting your device to access your Dropbox folder, users can also put restrictions on the type of files the device can access or sync ranging from; photos, music, movies, documents and more.

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When you are done with the initial setups, move to your device gallery. When you get there, you will notice a dropbox folder has been created. This folder will contain albums files and photos you have previously saved on your dropbox account.

I will like to inform you that none of these files can actually be deleted from your devices except you log in to your Dropbox account through the official website.

With the above setup, you can now access all your stored files on dropbox without saving them on your android device.

Any photo snapped with your device will be automatically saved and stored on your dropbox account but this will be when you are using Wi-Fi connection.