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Temple run 2 is a very fun, great game, highly suggested and best app for free right now. The story line is about a character and an over sized monkey, the character stole something from the temple and the angry ape have no other option than to chase the character to death.

It is an interesting and addictive running game; the game is programmed in a way that the more you run, the faster to get to completion of your task till you are rewarded with your price.

The fire work for temple run 2 is awesome with more challenging terrains to navigate, zip line, and plenty of dangerous obstacles to avoid including an oversized monkey.

How to Play Temple Run 2

You get into the action with the monkey chasing you, and then jump into the zip line, that is the way temple run 2 starts. A very nice scene to experience. The terrains are very much different as you are going to see different type of obstacles like; stones you going to swipe and dock under, Flames you are going to approach, mine shelf, also cliffs that looks like optical illusions which you going to go right or left, grabbing the power up will help to keep you alive and longer.

Note that when the power metre turns green, double tap the screen and off you will go for how ever much you have.   It does help as that’s the way you going to get high score.

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This game is great fire work, I love the environment, I like the fact that it is free, the inner purchases are reasonable.  You will find green germs, when you croak; green germs will help you to revive yourself just like that.

The boost are wonderful as you can upgrade, you can see the environment changes over and over, the boost is very helpful; is probably the best power-up in my opinion because I get it there and I have it green and when I come out of it I can’t get it again.

When you are playing temple run  game, temple run 2 high score should always form the basics of your reasoning.  When playing the temple run, you will be faced with a series of obstacles— tree roots, fire-breathing gargoyles, and other breaks in the temple’s surface mostly when you are playing temple run android game.

So many keep asking me what is a temple run  power up. This is a magic way out that can save you some point while you play the game. Glitch for temple run 2 is another stuff you should take a what out for. The game temple run 2 is amazing to play. Once you complete your temple run 2 download,

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Temple Run 2 Bruce Lee | Temple Run 2 Bolt | Temple Run 2 Barry Bones

Your actor in temple run  could be usain bolt or Bruce Lee.  temple run  best power up works well not minding the your choosen character. Most times I preffer temple run 2 bolt distance sprint as my default character. Arguably, I still believe that temple run 2 best character are Bruce Lee and  Bolt.

Always watch out for the flame except you are on the boost. See you score at the top and the coins you are collecting as well.

Temple Run  cheat code can be downloaded Click here to download

Temple Run 2 on the App Store | Download Temple Run 2 1.11 | Temple Run Free Download , Temple Run 2 v1.17 for Android .

Temple run is desired for Android and iOS and can be download into you Iphone, Ipad, Android Table and phone and more. To complete the download, simply go to your app store and type temple run 2, download and install.

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