‘Undo Send’ Emails: Gmail Now allows you ‘Undo Send’ emails you intend not to send

‘Undo Send’ Emails: Gmail Now allows you ‘Undo Send’ emails you intend not to send: After a long work in the lab, Gmail perhaps now bring on board a wonderful feature that will blow your mind. This one feature has been a topic of interest and  testing for years and users might not even know exists: Undo Send.

How does Gmail ‘Undo Send’ Emails feature works?

It is quite simple. With this feature, Gmail delays sending your email for a few seconds after you click Send, so with this few time, you can take it back if for any reason you, for example, spell someone’s name wrong, sent to wrong mail or if there be any thing you wish to add up or amend in the mail.

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Can you believe the single feature spent six years in public beta? But the good news is that Google finally announced in a blog post this week that Undo Send is becoming an official setting in your email sentings.

Those that joined in the beta  version had had this feature enabled, the feature will remain on, but other gmail email users can get this feature activated via the General tab under Settings.

The good part of this project is that users can adjust the delay time to their choice, as at 2009 when the product was lunch, Undo Send would delay sending your emails for five seconds, this time around, users can adjust the delay time to say 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

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All this are product of Google Labs: a collection of Gmail features that allows users to choose in to public betas for services that aren’t quite yet ready for prime time review. Before now, Undo Send was one of the true popular of the Labs features.

However, Undo Send feature is now present  on mobile version.

Get this feature activated now so you can save yourself that embarrassing moment when you send mails having an annoying typo.