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Toxicwap: Download TV Series | Android Games | MP3 | Videos remains your best bet when it comes to downloading digital files online. Over the years, I have always relied on this great site for my media files downloads ranging from Android games, wallpapers, MP3, TV series.

This site is the home for all the latest music and music videos, movies, mobile apps, ringtones and backgrounds and more.

More Features Of Toxicwap At Toxicwap.Com

No need of carrying the data storage all around knowing full well that can give you all you want anytime you want it.

This simple download site is characterized by millions of digital files for free download. Its database is regularly updated with the sole aim of serving you.

One thing I love so much about this site is the manner with which these files are categorized to suit users.

To download files from toxic wap, users don’t need to log in or create any form of account to have access to the millions of files online.  Downloads remain free to all users on this site.

To visit this official website, click this link

Intuitive And Crisp Interface Of Toxicwap

The interface is built to give simplicity to file download. Users must not be a tech guru before they can download files from this site. Files are grouped according to categories and file formats.

Each time you login to the site, the categories are arranged like:





⇒TV Series


⇒Android Games


Amongst the list of wap site for free download, Toxicwap, waptrick, wapdam, and waphan are the leading sites for now.

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Their services are free and need no account to access and download files from this site.

When on with, files ranging from the latest TV Series, Movies in various formats like Avi, MP4, and other formats are placed at the user’s disposer. This site is a hub for the Latest MP3 music, Android app store, HD movies and high-quality videos, wallpapers, free EBooks, Images, Funny Videos and more.

To get along and start downloading files, users should key in the official URL of the site which is to start downloading files.

Guide On How To Download MP3 Music From Toxicwap

To download your favorite MP3 file from toxic wap, simply

  1. Visit on your browsers.
  2. Select music amongst the list of media categories.
  3. Select the genre of music you want to download.
  4. If you could not get the specific music better still use the search button to search for the artist’s name or title of the song. When it appears, click on it to start free download.

Note that it will prompt you to select a file folder where you will want the music MP3 to be downloaded. Select and click download.

How to Download Android Game on

It is almost the same process that is required to successfully download any file from

To get this down:

  1. Visit the site by clicking here
  2. When it displays, select Game among the list of categories
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3: Select the particular game and click on it to start the download. If you can’t see the game you wanted, use the search bar to search for the game using the name.

  1. Click on the file location where you want the file to be downloaded.

Remember that this is a free portal for download and does not require any form of payment or registration.

Users are free to download any number of files they choose to download as far there are a good internet connection and good web browsers like chrome, opera mini, Mozilla and more.

How To Download TV Series From Toxicwap

When it comes to the latest TV series, Toxicwap is a reliable name. Download free TV series Here. They are alphabetically arranged to ease your smooth download.

To download the latest Movies or series from this site,

  1. Key in the URL of this site
  2. On the list of categories, select TV Series
  3. Note that they are arranged from A-Z, select the alphabet that suits and starts your intended file.
  4. Users can choose to use the search box when the search goes difficult.
  5. Click on the season you want to download

Click on the Episode and start the download.

I hope this was helpful? Keep your comment with us if you having any questions or suggestions.

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