How to track Your Car using your Smartphone: TrackR

How to track Your Car Without Stress: So many complain of lost cars from a parking lot, public places or even at home. Yes! It does happen. Parking your car at a shopping mall only to discover hours later that the car is no more there without you having a clue about the where about of the car.

Most time we roam and click on the security button on car key thinking it could help out only to notice that no alarm to signal the presence of your car.

This simple chip will help you avoid such ugly moment. You don’t need to sign up with expensive GPS system to track your car anymore. The prices are on the high side.

Not just the price of activating for GPS, you will be meant to pay a monthly subscription to keep the service on. This will increase your monthly bill and make you constantly needing financial help.

From the stable of a California-based company come a little device that does the wonder of allowing you track your car and another device of yours using your Smartphone.

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How to track Your Car using your Smartphone and TrackR

This little can help you track those important things in your life ranging from your car, briefcase. Handbag, pulse, Bicycle, wallet, that your new gadget  and more. How to track Your Car or any other devices will no longer be an issue.

This chip functions with your Smartphone to do this tracking job with ease.

How does it work? Just attach TrackR to a hidden place in the device you want to secure. Make sure that it is so hidden that its position is away from common eyesight.

The next step is to install the TrackR app on your mobile.  And that will be all. No monthly subscription of maintenance charge, no extra charge after purchase, simply install and use.

Ensure that the chip is hidden were very well. You can choose for your car say floor’s mat, trunk, glove compartment and more.

Each time you lose any the device, just whip your mobile phone, launch the app and track its present position. It Is that simple.  From the display of your mobile phone, you will direct led to the exact position where that device is located.

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This app gives you extreme peace of mind and allows you gain the freedom of multiple bills for car security and more.

So just with $29, you can get TrackR and get your important device secured for life.

How to Use this Device: How to track Your Car

The company is present giving buyers a better sale this summer. You can take advantage of that today. Make the purchase; open the device and place in the thin battery that came with it. Buyers get 4 extra TrackR device for each 4 they buy this summer. That will help you secure almost all your important device and still be having the one to give as a gift.

Next is for you download the TrackR app, install and link it up with the device. With that done, you can now hide the tracker in the device you want to secure.

This app will help locate any of the devices with ease.