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Viber App Download | Download Viber App | Viber For Windows: Viber is a classic call making app that permits you to put up quality video calls to friends and loved once. How do I mean? Yes! With viber, you can make high quality calls to your contact list for free.

A great instant messaging social media that allows you send free messages and make free VoIP calls with your contacts that are still using the service.

Just like wechat and Skype, you can now make free video calls after viber app download. You can choose to connect with old friends all over the globe as destination is an issue for viber.

Is it just Video calls that viber offers?

No! You can use viber as instant messaging app, send and receive images, video and audio, media messages from friends and family any were any time.

One good thing about viber is that you can text persons on your contact list even if they are offline. The contact gets notified once he or she is online again, and that your message will be delivered.

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What trips me most is the way viber developers created funny and colourful emoticons and emojis that will will blow your mind. Currently outside whatsapp, No other application can beat the superbness of the animated smileys that you get by mere viber download. The stickers are just unique and awesome.

The recent release of viber download supports group chats that can house up to 40 contacts at a go. The new viber download came with an Intuitive interface both on the app and window version.

Lover of doodle should have nothing to worry about as viber has now new doodle feature. You can now Draw a picture and send it to your friend any were in the world.

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Is viber available in just English?

No! You can access viber app and viber download anywhere and it is Available in many languages.

Viber App Download | Download Viber App

No matter the type of mobile device that you use, viber download is available for it. The software is always available for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Nokia Series 40, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows using their various app markets.

Viber App For Windows

Viber app is available for window PC and windows phone device. Viber for windows phone (Latest update) was almost the last to appear in the list. Viber For Windows was made available for public use March 31, 2015. You can click here to download Viber for windows

Viber for Android is also available here

Download viber for iOS here

Hope it help?