Whatsapp Call: How To Activate Whatsapp Voice Call On Your Device

Whatsapp Call: How To Activate Whatsapp Voice Call On Your Device: Most social media are now integrating VoIP (voice call) to their rank. We all know most of the famous and veteran social media networks (Skype, Viber, wechat, facebook and more) that has function over the years on free or paid voice calls.

But today, whatsapp call will not be an exception. Yes! Whatsapp voice call for free on your device is here to stay. This whatsapp call is making whatsapp sell as never before as people can now connect friends via voice call for free.

Whatsapp voice call is really becoming the toast of the day. Since the inception, whatsapp has really enjoyed tremendous acceptance from the public (Both the young and old alike).

Whatsapp recently introduced whatsapp web to complement those that are frequently on the PC or computer.

With over 900 million actives users, whatsapp is out to becoming the best social media around.

Whatsapp call is the latest feature from whatsapp to hit the market. We all know how whatsapp chat (free SMS and file sharing means) has helped us in avoiding cost. So with the introduction of whatsapp call, there will be no reason to be paying heavy bills weekly or monthly to telecom companies anymore except for data plans,

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Whatsapp voice call activation is easy to go around. You can use it to call any one on your list that has activated his or her whatsapp call features as well any time any day at no charge. Yes! No cost.

How To Activate Whatsapp Call For Your Device, Whatsapp voice call Android

This whatsapp voice call is active by default on android if your device meets the standards below. So those on the android platform can take advantage of this. You can now call for free. Simply follow the guide below.

  • Ensure that you having the latest version of whatsapp on your device before you can activate whatsapp voice call for free.
  • Next check among your friends for anybody that has voice call activated and have them call you. This call automatically activates your own voice. This will allow you invite other friends.
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Note that the call from that friend of your must be a real call and not a missed call. So many complained about the inability to activate their whatsapp call after missed call from their friends. It must be a received call to enable whatsapp call.

Once activated, a new three tabs will be introduced on your whatsapp dashboard (calls, chat and contacts).

How To Activate Whatsapp Call For Your Device, Whatsapp call for iOS

For iOS users to activate whatsapp voice call, they must have the whatsapp beta installed in their device. Then they will need to install iMokholes repository.

After then, go on to add the repository apk, and then install the whatsapp voice call enabler from the cydia settings.

Then check out for friends on whatsapp call already and have them call you to activate your whatsapp voice call for free on your device.

Hope it helped? Share and comment if you need help.